Six easy ways to mark pages in your Bullet Journal

Six easy ways to mark pages in your Bullet Journal

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Keeping order in your Bullet Journal is as important as the content you have in there. There's no point keeping heaps of information if you can never find it again.
Here are some tips on how to find your place in your Bullet Journal.


Indexing is super important. If you're not numbering your pages and keeping track of what is where, you will struggle to find the spreads you need at any given time.
The team here at Journal Junkies index every page as soon as the title and number goes down. That way, we never lose a thing.
Pro tip: Both the Leuchtturm 1917 and the Scribbles that Matter notebook have numbered pages - they do all the hard work for you.


A bookmark can be a great way to keep track of your weeklies. As the page you need to reference changes so often, a simple bookmark will help you open your Bullet Journal directly to the page you need to see.

No matter your style, there's a bookmark for you. We're loving these metal ones at the moment.

Indexing Stickers and Tabs

These are so handy for so many things. Paper tabs are easy to use and are just like the Post-Its you can buy, but after a day in your handbag they might get bent and crunched up.

The leather ones are solid and stick really well. These are great for labelling all the months in your Bullet Journal, making it really easy to find whatever calendar layout you're looking for.


When you use your Bullet Journal for everything, you might have some spreads you don't want other people to see. Or, you might find you don't need to reference past weeklies or monthlies as much as you once did.
Clips can be a great way to keep pages together and help you open your Bullet Journal to the current week or month. It makes it easy to keep any personal information hidden from nosey eyes, too!
You can grab yourself the metallic ones in the picture here.

Washi Tape

Ahh, good old washi tape never fails to amaze the team here. There are so many uses for it, including labelling.

Mark the edges of your pages so they're easy to see, or fold the washi tape back on itself to create a tab. Simple, colourful and effective!

Colour Coded Edges

These pictures must be credited to Kara from

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If you have some categories you want to keep track of, you can colour code the page edges like Kara did, above.
This is a super cool way to help find what topic spread you're looking for and adds some detail to the edge of your Bullet Journal.
We're loving the Zebra Mildliners for all marking and highlighting needs.

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