Improve your hand lettering in your Bullet Journal (using the Polaroid Zip)

Improve your hand lettering in your Bullet Journal (using the Polaroid Zip)

Did art teachers tell you off for not being able to draw a straight line? What about geography teachers chastising you for not colouring within the lines? Maybe science teachers were appalled at your inability to draw to scale?

Here's something not many people know... I actually have a real artistic handicap and experienced all of the above when I was at school.

And don't even get me started on what my English teachers said about my handwriting....

But I know I'm not the only one, because when I look for the tag #imperfectbujo on Instagram, there are plenty of examples of Bullet Journals, just like mine, that are messy and full of mistakes.

I've found my tribe!

Some people are blessed with talent, others blessed with the ability to practice. But if you're like me, you don't have the time or the patience to become great at Bullet Journalling. You just want a beautiful diary, like, now.

This is why I love sharing the cheats I use to create Bullet Journal spreads I adore.

So I partnered with Polaroid New Zealand to show off how I use the Zip printer to create gorgeous lettering in my spreads, with ZERO artistic talent!

Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone!

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Print and stick

This one is probably pretty obvious, but if you search Pinterest for "quotes", you'll be overwhelmed with options.

Look for visual themes like "watercolor quotes" or "marble quotes", or maybe it's more about the words so "productivity" quotes might suit you better.

There are plenty of websites that offer free printables and, once you've found one you've fallen in love with, it can help dictate the rest of your spread's theme and help set you up for a great day.

You can also screenshot any you come across while browsing on social media - you can edit the photos to suit in your phone,

Print and stick, on the go! Guys, the future is now. ?

Check out my Pinterest board full of quotes for your Bullet Journal!

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Print and trace

If your handwriting is illegible at the best of times, tracing headers can seem a very attractive concept.

Trust me, because I know ?.

I just printed out the words on my Zip, slipped it behind my page and traced over it!

Mix the tracing with the fake calligraphy trick, and you've got beautiful, balance lettering without a shred of talent!

Pro tip - If you can't see the print through your page, backlight it with your phone or Ipad. It makes it a lot easier to see through!

Buy my Weekday Tracing Templates!

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Print and reverse trace

If you've got a fancy Archer & Olive notebook, or paper that is too thick to see through, you're going to love this next trick.

Do you remember using tracing paper to outline something as a kid, then turning it over and rubbing it onto a page? This was a game changer for me.

Use it for big sketches, or small details. When you see something you love, get it on tracing paper, and then you can scrub the outline onto your page, then write over it with pens, watercolours and Gelatos! Amazing.

Here, I've printed my lettering out backwards on my Polaroid Zip, traced it onto tracing paper, then scrubbed it into my Bujo.

Then I've used my fake calligraphy trick to get it looking awesome! No one ever need to know that you have the messiest handwriting in all the land.

Buy my backwards weekday lettering templates for reverse tracing.

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Tracing paper over a Polaroid print

Have you ever looked longingly at gorgeous quote prints, wishing your could create the quote pictures of your dreams?

Well, my friends, I have a solution.

Here you will find a Pinterest board full of awesome textures and effects to use as a background. Here, you will find one full of quotes.

Pick your favourites, trace your quote onto tracing paper and layer it on top of your favourite print, printed onto your Polaroid Zip stickers.

Et voila! Your own, personalised, perfect quote for your Bullet Journal. You're welcome :)

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Why I love my Polaroid Zip

You can probably tell by now I'm a little in love with my mobile zip printer.

But in case you want a bit more info, here's why it's my top pick.

  • It's light and portable, so I can take it everywhere. This is perfect for keeping records of travels or just spontaneous memory keeping. I'm loving all the pictures and memories that I am now able to keep in my journal, without having to organise a bunch of prints at once, and spending ages scrapbooking.
  • It prints onto sticker paper - no need for glue, just peel and stick straight away. If you've been wanting to make your own planner stickers, this is a great way of doing it! (You need a permanent marker to write on them though)
  • No ink needed - no messy cartridges, or expensive replacements. The Zip uses Zink (which stands for Zero-Ink) technology to print without any ink (surprise!).
  • It charges by USB - universal in every country you visit!
  • The prints are the perfect size to keep in your journal, use as a bookmark, or add to letters to friends. For reference, the prints are 5cm by 7.5cm.
  • The app is great for editing grids - so you can fit more pictures on every print - and adding frames and features! So many fun things you can add to your photos.

I recorded the first time I opened it and set it up, just to show you how simple it is. I also used my very first print to make a gorgeous pink weekly spread.

Watch below! And if you want your own, you can pre-order yours, here!

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