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Traceable Weekday Lettering | PDF, PNG Download & Printable

Download these files, print them out and use them again, and again, and again….

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Download and trace your weekdays headers and get perfect lettering in your Bullet Journal with limited artistic ability! (Read this blog post if you’re not sure how)

If your handwriting is illegible at the best of times, tracing headers can be a very attractive concept. Trust me, because I know ๐Ÿ˜‚.

I print out the words on my Zip, slip it behind my page and trace over it. Mix the tracing with the fake calligraphy trick, and you’ve got beautiful, balance lettering without a shred of talent!

Pro tip – If you can’t see the print through your page, backlight it with your phone or Ipad. It makes it a lot easier to see through!

For thicker paper you can’t see through, print out our backwards versions so you can use tracing paper to scrub it onto the page.

This set includes all weekdays, in four different lettering styles, forwards and backwards, in PDF or PNG formats.

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