Top 5 April 2019 Plan With Me videos you have to watch!

Top 5 April 2019 Plan With Me videos you have to watch!

For most of the world, April produces thoughts of flowers and April showers.

And while we do have one gorgeous rain-themed video, the Bullet Journal community has outdone itself with stunning doodles, watercolours and mixed media spreads!

As always, I spend a lot of time watching these videos (poor me) and try to choose a good range of ideas to inspire you.

If you're too busy to plan April, I have made a printable download for you to stick into your journal, or use on your wall. It's my favourite design so far.

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Anyway, grab a cuppa and settle in for the top 5 Plan With Me Bullet Journal videos for April, 2019!

Pastel Cityscape with Soosanmoo

If you haven't stumbled across Susan before, I'm proud to be the one to introduce you!

She is adorable to listen to, and doesn't hide anything in her videos. She points out all her mistakes, flaws and things she would have done differently.

Her honesty is so refreshing and definitely makes her relatable!

Her theme is so simple, too. Recreate it using Milk liners or Zebra Mildliners and your favourite black pens! 

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April Showers with Abiding Kelseyleigh

If you love seeing different colour and doodle techniques, Kelseyleigh's April layouts should inspire you.

She smooshes colour onto the page, which works great to make a watery-splash effect alongside her umbrellas.

And keep an eye out for those adorable bunny rabbits!

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"There's coffee in that nebula!" with Plant Based Bride

 I adore both coffee and galaxies so when I watched this video I fell in love - and I've never watched an episode of Star Trek in my life!

If you've been struggling to get your galaxy watercolours right, this video will give you a really great paint with me you can follow along with.

Those colours are just perfect, especially the black and white monthly log and the stars in the lettering.

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Mixed media collage with Luu Ly Vichy

If you're a fan of using different materials and textures in your Bullet Journal, you'll love this video (as long as you're not on a diet - she talks constantly about food).

But she uses magazine cutouts, envelopes, craft and grid paper to build the most gorgeous spreads. Even some dried leaves get a place!

To achieve this, start filling a shoebox with textures you love (think fliers, flowers, papers), so when you sit down to build a spread, you have a heap of different things on hand.

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Dutch Door Weeklies with Ashley Lawrence

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know I'm a sucker for dutch doors.

Read my Ultimate Guide to Dutch Doors

They're perfect if you're needing some extra space in your layouts, like Ashley has found with her weeklies.

Those butterflies are also so beautiful, especially with the watercolour!

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