September 2018 Plan With Me | Top 5 Videos

September 2018 Plan With Me | Top 5 Videos

Whether you're with us in the Southern hemisphere, or up North, September is a time for change.

For some of us, it's the start of a new school year, full of hope and promise. For others, it's the beginning of the last big push before the Summer holidays.

This season, there are a lot of pretty themes and ideas to choose from - and if you struggle artistically, use magazine cutouts, stickers and, of course, washi tape!

Bring on September Bullet Journal layouts!!

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Dutch Doors with Alexandra Plans

You all know I'm a massive fan of Dutch Doors (I wrote a whole guide on them, here!!) and this one by Alexandra Plans is no exception.
I love the fallen leaves theme even though we're heading into spring and not autumn down under - she even tells you which Tombow colours she uses!
What's great about setting up a monthly Dutch Door is all your weeklies are set up in advance, so if you're getting busy, definitely consider setting your whole month up ahead of time.
Follow her lead and keep them simple and useful!
Learn how to use your Tombows, here.

Kids of the 90s by It's Me, Andie!

Who doesn't love the 90s!?
I adore this theme by Andie - lots of nostalgia coming out with the tape cassettes and Saved By The Bell accents!
This is so worth watching for the fact that Andie made her own stickers using shipping labels and a printer!! How cool is that??
But I can't imagine how long it actually took to fill in all those black backgrounds! Luckily her Lemome notebook takes all that ink really well!
Check out all our dotted notebooks!

Thinking weekly with HulloAlice

What I love about Alice's layouts for September is her habit & chore tracker.
She divides it all up into calendar weeks (so Monday-Sunday chunks) - not only is this great for seeing what days you might slack up repeatedly, but my brain definitely thinks week-to-week, so filling in Monday makes more sense to me than filling in the 3rd of September. (Did that makes sense? Or am I rambling?)
Even her anxiety chart is split into weeks! I'm definitely using that in my monthly trackers this time.
She also has a super gorgeous mood tracker flower wreath that's worth checking out!
Read more on how to keep your bullet journal simple.

Mixed Media with Abiding Kelseyleigh

If you're a fan of mixed media journals you HAVE to check out Kelseyleigh!
It's the perfect blend of beautiful handlettering, art skills, paper and stickers, which build gorgeous September spreads!
She also builds her habit tracker within a monthly calendar, which I personally think is inspired and I'm excited to see how it works throughout the month!
Anyone else loving all the nature and greenery circling around at the moment?
See more bullet journals spreads to make you feel better.

Back to School with Lauren Liz

I couldn't do a September Bullet Journal spread round-up, without focusing at least one video on school and University!
Lauren's style is lovely, simple and neat, so very soothing to watch!
If you look closely, you might notice how she sticks together two pages together - I assume to prevent ghosting with those big, black letters.
At the end, she goes through how she fills all the spreads out, too, which is awesome.
This really makes me want to go back to school!
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