November 2018 Plan With Me | Top 5 Videos for Inspiration

November 2018 Plan With Me | Top 5 Videos for Inspiration

November is my favourite month of the year.

Not least because it's the month of my birthday and Bonfire Night, but also because it feels cosy and Autumnal, even in the southern Hemisphere.

There are still a lot of fall themes around, but this month there is a lot of chat about self-care and conscious planning - something we completely support!

November is for family, reflection and self-love. Let us know how you plan on integrating that into your own bullet journal!

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Get Caffeinated with Caitlin's Corner

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Anyone else so in love with coffee, you'll drink it no matter how bad it tastes?

I'm obsessed with coffee, so when I saw Caitlin was doing a coffee and self-care theme for November, I had to take a look.

It's full of al the best things - coffee, pizza and movies. Definitely my kind of night in!

Although her hand writing must be so tiny! How do you fit in useful notes in that exam spread?

Each to their own, of course, and if you're trying to figure out your perfect spreads, take a read: How To Pick Your Perfect Bullet Journal Layout. My handwriting definitely demands more space in my layouts.

But planning time for self-care is the really important takeaway from this video. Make sure you make time for yourself this November!

NaNoWrMo November with Abiding Kelseyleigh

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On November 1, NaNoWriMo participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 PM on November 30.

If you're working towards something like this, trackers and plans can be invaluable to help you reach your goals.

I love how KelseyLeigh incorporates printouts, journalling cards and stickers to build her spreads.

She has great little calendars for her writing goals, including rewards! Rewards can be a great way to help encourage yourself to stick to your new habits.

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Keeping It Real with Steph B Sanity

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"When drawing this, I wanted it to be rough because me personally, I feel that when I'm doodling and I'm way too precise, because I'm not the greatest at drawing, it looks very childish or amateur... Because I'm trying too hard to be precise but I don't have the skills to back that up."


I love that Steph is totally honest about how she feels about her journal and artwork. Just because you don't have all the skills, doesn't mean you can't do it and have fun anyway! And I love how her wreath turned out, don't you?

Most of Steph's spreads have a lovely lettered heading, and kept quite simple. Definitely something to consider if your Journal tends of overwhelm you.

Read More: Don’t reinvent the wheel | How to keep things simple

Galaxy Gelatos with Eclectic Scribbles

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Have you tried Faber-Castell Gelatos yet?

Watch Amanda use them to create gorgeous galaxy spreads - I'm going to have to give these a go.

What I love about Amanda's layouts are her lettering. She uses all kinds of different fonts and styles, great if you're looking for a bit of header inspiration!

And those aliens are so cute!

If you watch through to the end, you'll see Amanda flick though some older layouts and they're full of colour. I love it.

If you enjoy tracking your life in your bullet journal, read our Ultimate Guide!

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Planning Deep with Sunshine & Stationery

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I adore Caitlin's videos, because she really takes the time to consider the best way to plan for her.

She explains what worked and what didn't in her October setup, and talks through her plan for November.

The takeaway for me is how she adapts her weekly and daily spreads to her life. Watch her video to see how she is adapting her spreads for her trip abroad.

That is the major bonus of a Bullet Journal, after all!

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