May 2018 Plan With Me | Best Video Round Up

May 2018 Plan With Me | Best Video Round Up

Plan With Me videos are so chocked-full of goodness, we spend hours watching them all!
From doodling ideas, to header solutions and brand new techniques we've never even thought of, the videos are the best for practical inspiration.
Have you tried to recreate any of these? We'd love to see your work. Make sure you tag us on Instagram and follow us for daily Bullet Journal inspiration!

Lavender Theme with AmandaRachLee

Starting with one of our favourites, AmandaRachLee, who has chosen lavender for springtime in the northern hemisphere.
We love how her doodles are so simple but still make her whole journal come together beautifully! This should be pretty easy to recreate, if you felt like it!
You can almost smell the lavender coming off the page...
Recreate her look with the Pastel Tombow Dual Brush pens, a Staeftler Triplus Fineliner and rose gold planner clips.

All the Daisies by MyLifeInABullet

If you've ever wanted to learn how to doodle daisies, this is the video to watch.
Cristina starts by giving us all a super easy tutorial in daisy drawings, and honestly they look so simple, even we reckon we could do it!
Also, those coloured boxes behind her drawings are just so inspired, aren't they? Really make them pop like a piece of art! We're going to try and incorporate the coloured boxes ourselves, somehow.
Also, make sure you check out her jar goal spread (around 4.30 minutes in)
Cristina uses a Tombow Dual Brush Pen for the colour, and a fineliner for everything else! So simple!

Bohemian Festival With Amie Watee

Such a gorgeous spring feel with a twist - We adore her bohemian festival theme and are definitely going to come back and attempt to recreate it!
We love her simple layouts and the forward thinking of also creating her June calendar within her May spread so she can plan ahead,
All her lines are created freehand, with zebra mildliners and felt tips. We definitely think her creativity makes her one to watch for this year!

Bold Ribbons & Flowers with Doodle Day Darlings

Starting with a flickthrough from April, it's clear Gemma has some amazing talent - her drawings from Disney movies blew us away.
She definitely has a strong, cartoon-like style, which makes a bold and stunning contrast to all the light and delicate drawings we tend to see in Bullet Journals.
We adore how her ribbons are used for both text and filling white space (which se admits she can't stand) and love the end result.Try the shading techniques to add some dimension.
If you're fed up of whimsical spreads, maybe follow Gemma's lead! (She hosts an awesome doodle challenge on her Instagram).
We also spy a Scribbles That Matter notebook!!

Magical Art Journal with Jenny Journals

Jenny's journal is the perfect example of a mixed-media art journal. Very aspirational, using both watercolours and printed pictures she creates the most beautiful layouts!
The actual monthly is a simple list, as is her study plan and weekly - proving that when life gets busy, you can absolutely just utilise your journal in the simplest way.
We're loving the blue/grey mix with the metallics - makes us want to get our hands on one of those mini printers! We also love how she uses a stencil for her circles! Inspired!

Focused Florals with Miss Louie

Okay, there is so much goodness in this video, we don't even know where to start.
From using washi tape to make clean lines in drawings, to the calendar stamps and weekly layout headings, we just adore everything about this video.
Miss Louie is so down to earth, and her work is definitely something we can aspire to! Also, check out that gorgeous henna on her hands!! This video is definitely worth the watch!

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