June 2018 Plan With Me | Best Video Round Up

June 2018 Plan With Me | Best Video Round Up

Another month has come and gone - where did May go?
We've worked really hard to get this video round up out to you before the month starts this time! Hopefully it offers some of the best layout inspiration from around the web!
For daily spreads and inspiration, be sure to join us on Instagram! Tag us in your monthly spreads - we love to see them!

Being practical with Caitlin's Corner

If you're focused on being practical, Caitlin's Corner is a great channel to follow.
Her June 2018 Plan With Me has some really interesting ideas that are well worth trying out. Instead of a seperate habit tracker, she integrates it into her monthly calendar layout. And her meal planner is perfect if you love some flexibility in your life!
To recreate her style, you'll want your favourite black pen, your notebook and a ruler!

All the trackers with MyLifeInABullet

So we're loving the summer theme, but the coolest thing about this journal is all the trackers!
Habit trackers, time trackers, spending trackers and a journalling spread - all with Zebra Mildliners!
It's also great to know even the "big" bullet journalists struggle with their calligraphy, too. We love the idea of getting them right on seperate pieces of paper and sticking in your favourites takes!

Simple & Bold with Erin Elissa

While we're all bracing ourselves for winter, most of the world are excited about summer evenings spent at the beach.
But there's nothing stopping us from keeping our journal tropical!
We love how Erin keeps her layouts simple - her monthly log and habit tracker are gorgeous to look at, but there's nothing too complicated to them!
Definitely one to watch if you want to whip up something quickly!
P.s - we NEED to learn to brush letter that nicely with our Tombows!

Dutch Doors that are out of this world by Miss McKenna

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll know we've been loving dutch doors lately. They allow us to plan week-to-week, but offer more space to plan your days or aspects of your life in more detail.
Miss McKenna, in our opinion, has some of the best and most practical dutch doors we've seen. Check out her video tutorials on them!
She also talks about abuse towards the end of this video, so heads up if it's a trigger for you.

Round Chore Tracker with Erin Floto Designs

So while there are a heap of cool things to take from Erin's Plan With Me, including the metallic accents (grab your own set of metallic pens, here) what really caught our attention was the round chore tracker for the month!
While it may look complicated at first, it actually makes so much sense once you see it all filled out. There are spaces for a daily habit, ones that you do once-a-week, once-a-month then bi-monthly! So cool!
It's also a great video to see how the Scribbles That Matter notebooks hold up against watercolour.
We've just restocked our range so grab your favourite while they're still in stock!

Mixed Media Journal with SKJournals

We're still trying to decide between mini printers, but journals like this one really make us want one so bad.
We love that Christina uses all sorts of texture in her journal, including a brown paper bag!
And photos that would otherwise look pretty random, all come together in her gorgeous monthly spread. It's such a cool way to add colour and interest, especially if you're not artistically inclined.
Until we get our hands on a printer, we're using Journal Cards to do something similar!
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