July 2018 Plan With Me | Our Top 5 Videos

July 2018 Plan With Me | Our Top 5 Videos

While here in the Southern hemisphere, we are shivering our butts off as we move into winter, most of the Bullet Journal community are enjoying some warmer weather.

This is definitely reflected in the spreads being shared around online - and we're not just talking summer fruits and beach balls!

Most people tend to get busier in summer, so we're starting to see simpler spreads which focus on practicality more than decoration.

But don't worry, I've found a great mix of new ideas and easy-to-copy Plan With Me videos to share with you all.

Bring on July, 2018!!

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Keeping it real with The Petite Planner

If you only watch one video from this blog post, it has to be this one. Not because it's the best or mind-blowing, but because I think Erin is sharing a really important message.
With all the Bullet Journal layouts on social media, Pinterest and on Bullet Journal blogs like these, it can be easy to think that if your Bullet Journal isn't pretty, then you're not doing it right.
Well, my friends, that's simply not true. 
I have been using the Bullet Journal system for years, and I love to write and talk about it. But art has NEVER been my strong point. Mostly, my Bullet Journal looks nothing like the ones I share and talk about - but it works fantastically at keeping my life together and giving me a crafty outlet when I want it.
And isn't that the goal?
So please, listen to Erin in her July Plan With Me video and understand that your Bullet Journal should be fun and practical, first and foremost. Don't let it stress you out!
Read more on how to keep your bullet journal simple.

Develop a morning routine with ChristineMyLinh

Christine has a beautifully simple style, but what caught my eye was her morning routine tracker.
If you jump to 6.42, you'll see her setting it up. While she doesn't give it all away, she said she will use two Bullet Journal time ladders to list out two different morning routines which will correspond to two different colours.
She will then mark off the days as she completes them on the calendar below.
I thought this was such a great idea, especially if you're trying to develop a solid morning routine, such as the Miracle Morning.
Something else that makes Christine's Plan With Me Bullet Journal video worth a watch, is the story she tells - the magical journey of the bunny.
Do time ladders take too long? Make them super quickly using a time tracker washi tape!

Watercolour summer berries with Shayda Campbell

If you are looking to use your journal for some art practice, look no further than Shayda Campbell's Plan With Me videos.
While you can watch and copy her farmer's market drawings in July's Bullet Journal, she offers little tips and tricks on how to draw and colour them as she goes along.
Shayda really makes it look simple and, if you follow her advice, I'm sure you'll be creating these gorgeous berry drawings, too!
You don't need watercolour paints to recreate this spread. Any waterbased ink can be used as watercolour, including Tombow Dual Brush pens.
Learn how to use them, here.

Have fun with lettering with Steph B Sanity

Two things stand out for me in Steph's Bullet Journal Plan With Me video...
One: Her monthly layout and mood tracker is inspired, you guys!
She uses two pages for her monthly, splitting into weeks and personal / business. I like the touch of using some hobby paper to adorn the edges.
Her mood tracker includes a space for her to journal about her week, which I think is a great addition to a mood tracker!
Asking yourself to sum up every day is a big commitment, but sitting down every week to look over your moods and reflect upon it is a perfect example of Bullet Journals being used for better self awareness and, ultimately, health.
See more bullet journals spreads to make you feel better.
But, secondly, I love how she plays with her lettering and titles, adding little decorations that really make the headers pop! Super easy for anyone to try!
Want to try some brush lettering of your own? Tombow Dual Brush pens have both a brush head and a fine tip, making them a great artist pen!

A whole month of dutch doors with Alexandra Plans

Do you know how hard it is narrowing down all the Plan With Me Bullet Journal videos to just five? The community is so full of talent, you guys!
But I just couldn't leave out this awesome Dutch Door monthly spread by Alexandra!
If you're new to the Dutch Door method, it does involve cutting up pages in your journal to make mini sections within your spreads.
While it may sound a little odd, it does allow you to add more space into a spread and see more at once.
Alexandra's layout is a perfect example of a dutch door used for practicality! She has her monthly trackers and notes surrounding the weeklies within.
I don't know if I'm explaining it very well, so I recommend you just give it a watch!
Read our complete guide to Dutch Doors!
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