Best February 2019 Plan With Me Videos

Best February 2019 Plan With Me Videos

It's February already, which means another month in our Bullet Journal is almost completed.

While February does produce a lot of Valentines goodness, we are pleased to report we've found a lot of inspiration that has nothing to do with Valentines day.

Below we have floral doodles, stamping genius and even a black and white shipwreck theme!

So, without further ado, I'd love to share my favourite Plan With Me videos for February 2019.

And if this is all a bit too much, we have a printable option for February, free for club members! 

Plan with me february 2019 best videos

Fluffy Pastel Clouds with Plant Based Bride

Watercolours and paint are becoming more popular in the Bullet Journal community, especially with more notebook options with thicker pages that can take more colour than ever before.

Elizabeth's colour choices are perfect - the pinks mixed with the oranges really help balance the colours out. They're gorgeous.

It's also worth seeing how she decorates her Monthly calendar spread, as it's simple but stunning.

[ux_video url=""]

Use Gelatos, Tombows or any watercolours you like to do the painting!

Shipwreck Theme with it's me, Andie

If you're looking for some monochrome inspiration, Andie has a great theme for February that stays away from anything valentines day related.

What I love about her layout is the way she's incorporated shipwreck-y stuff into her layouts seamlessly.

A ship's wheel becomes the monthly log and some antique paper becomes her to do lists and notes - then she adds some black and white drawings to really finish the layouts.

And check out those genius stickers for the Dutch Doors!

[ux_video url=""]

Grab yourself some Steadtler Pigment liners or the Greyscale Tombows to help recreate this look!

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Memory keeping with Steph B Sanity

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a big fan of using Bullet Journals as memory keepers as well as organisational tools.

So Steph's February layout was bound to be a favourite. She uses printouts from Pinterest, as well as her own snaps, to make her gorgeously sweet February spreads.

[ux_video url=""]

Treat yourself to your own mobile printer - or see how I use mine to improve my hand lettering!

Forget me notes with Stationery Island

Sorry - not sorry - for that awful pun.

If you're more of a doodler, this theme is super easy to recreate and looks adorable.

As she says (I can't find her name anywhere?) you can add some hearts to easily turn this theme into a more lovey-dovey theme.

[ux_video url=""]

Use your Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Pigment Markers or fineliners for your doodles!

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Natural Pastels with My Inner Creative

Nicola has a real talent for design - she mixes her doodles, stamps and stickers to create a gorgeous February layout.

Watch how she uses stamps with scrap paper to create floral boarders around her sections, and stencil cut outs to stamp in her bunting tracker. Seriously, this girl is a genius!

[ux_video url=""]

Grab yourself some stamps and stencils and go wild!

Simple Florals with PaperMango

It's amazing what incorporating different shapes can do to your bujo.

PaperMango uses diamond shapes in her spreads which are such a perfect touch and so easy to do!

I also love how she fits all her trackers so compactly on one spread!

[ux_video url=""]

Don't know which notebook is right for you? Compare them, here!

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