April 2018 Plan With Me | Best Video Round Up

April 2018 Plan With Me | Best Video Round Up

Whether you've been Bullet Journalling for a long time or are brand new to the community, one of the best things is the monthly Plan With Me videos.
We just love seeing how everyone else is planning their months, how they're doodling their themes and what they're changing or updating from the month before!
Borrowing ideas from other Bullet Journalists and adapting them for our own journals is part of the fun! So we round up some of our favourite Plan With Me videos, from some of our favourite Bujoers and artists.
Are ya ready? Let's dive right on in.

Up In The Clouds Theme with AmandaRachLee

Starting with a dreamy cover page and a standard calendar layout (take note of that shading), we then get into the really fun stuff with the rainy mood tracker and calendar-blocked habit trackers.
Amanda isn't afraid to stick things in her journal, or even collage over mistakes. We love that there's a mix of textures throughout. Those hanging clouds are definitely something worth experimenting with!
While, apparently, her video planning page is just an open brain dump (we're skeptical), the budget tracker is another doodling layout idea that can be used for many different kinds of layouts! Use them in your weeklies, or for specific lists... Use your imagination!
Watch the finished flipthrough from 13.08 minutes.

Cherry Blossom Bullet Journal Layouts with MyLifeInaBullet

So there are A LOT of flowers - especially cherry blossoms - floating around April spreads, but we love seeing these ones come to life.
Starting with a wee bit of colour, they suddenly transform into the most gorgeous flowers!
We get a glimpse at March before building April's spreads. The layouts are pretty simple, but that makes them all the more striking. Vertical habit trackers with simple dots and fake calligraphy prove you don't need all the tools or skills to recreate most of these looks!
Another freehanded monthly calendar (really on trend at the moment - dare to ditch the ruler, my friends) with pink accents and simple borders make us so inspired. There are a lot of ideas we can take from this, including font pairings, but you have to check out that goal page! How do the stars work? What sort of goals go there? When do you fill it out? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!
There's a seperate habit tracker, with icons and dots, instead of words and squares. And the expense tracker is definitely worth looking at if you're trying to budget!
It also looks like she uses running to do lists for her tasks.
Need help picking the perfect spreads? Read this!
Even if we only take one thing away from this video, it's how to draw those gorgeous flowers!
Flipthrough starts at 7.55

Flower planning stickers WithWendy

Just to prove you don't need to be an artist to create beautiful spreads, Wendy shows us through how she uses stickers in her journal to recreate the pages we see all over Instagram.
We adore stickers ourselves, mainly because our artistic ability is very limited. Stickers (and washi) allow us to quickly and easily create colourful boarders, accents and boxes. We just love them!
Check out our "not for kid's" sticker range, here.

Bright and colourful Bullet Journal layouts by Planningwithkay

We're big fans of planningwithkay, both on Youtube and Instagram. Another planner who uses stickers to her advantage, these bold spreads are so attractive to us!
Starting with a quick flickthrough of March (check out all those colours!! Swoooooonn), there are a lot of design elements we can borrow, even without the stickers.
But the best bit? Like all humans, Kay sometimes makes mistakes - in this instance, her whole calendar numbers were off. Check out how she fixed them!!
For any business-people or social marketers out there, her social tracker is definitely something to take a look at!
Flickthrough starts at 12.15 

The coolest chore chart with HulloAlice

While we love the bees, the coolest thing about this spread is the chore chart. With spaces for daily chores, and weekly chores, it is a really interesting AND practical way of listing and tracking them!
Seriously worth a look.
Flickthrough at 13.09

Who are your favourite Bullet Journal Youtubers? Let us know to feature them next month!
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