How to use Faber-Castell Gelatos in your Bullet Journal (without water)

How to use Faber-Castell Gelatos in your Bullet Journal (without water)

Do you love spreads that use lots of colour and watercolour, but hate bleeding, ghosting and buckling?

Me too, but most notebooks are not set up to handle all the art we want to throw at them. It's hard to fit hundreds of pages into a Bullet Journal when they're made from thick artist paper.

(FYI - Archer & Olive notebooks have the thickest pages and can handle watercolour and paint really well. Check out our review, here. )

That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to the Faber-Castell Gelatos.

Blend with them, use them with stencils and produce beautiful blended effects without any water!

Honestly, watch how I've used them in my new Archer & Olive .

[ux_video url=""]
In summary...

1 - Scribble on the colour, and blend with a baby wipe, damp cloth or just your finger!!

2 - Use your Ultimate Bullet Journal Stencil Kit, a baby wipe and your Gelatos to make gorgeous spreads without a shred of artistic talent.

3 - Experiment, have fun, add glitter and lettering and create the spreads of your dreams, without any buckling, bleeding or ghosting!

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