Christmas Spreads for Your Bullet Journal to help you keep it together| The @Instaliddy Takeover!

Christmas Spreads for Your Bullet Journal to help you keep it together| The @Instaliddy Takeover!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

And with the crazy festive season fast approaching, Nancy has left the Journal Junkies helm to me for this week's post. I'm not sure if she's brave or stupid but I didn't hesitate to jump at the chance of a takeover!
So, I present to you, 10 (and a bit) bullet journal spreads to make you look & feel like you're ready for Christmas (more than you actually are).

Because, let's face it, the Christmas season can get crazy hectic!

I contemplated denial at first, but then decided this was the perfect excuse to make more lists!  So, because I like you, Journal Junkie, and because I'm helpful (confession: in reality, I'm a procrastinator and the chance to start this takeover & avoid actual planning was my true inspiration), I am sharing some very handy dandy spreads from December 2017 and December 2018 (some of which haven't even featured on my IG page @instaliddy yet)  ?

So sit back (better yet, lie down), scroll, and be inspired...

[ux_image id="5883"]

^^ me, post-Christmas dinner

1. Let's start with the cover page...

which really carries no purpose for me other than to gently introduce me to the concept that another month has passed and deadlines are looming, faster than I can say "wait, I'll just put my bra back on"...
[ux_image id="5884"]

December 2018 cover page, my theme was going to be deer and snowflakes, but I have commitment issues...

2. Righto, time for a countdown.

Usually, an advent calendar would go to 25 and contain a treat. But this monthly spread has boxes that will mostly contain work-related meetings...
[ux_image id="5885"]
But let's face it, it's not very here's a bonus monthly log from December 2017...
[ux_image id="5886"]

3. I do love a mood tracker, a cute puppy and a good motivational quote....

so give me 3-in-1 and I'm good to go!  I got the idea for tracker from the fabulous @metro_boulot_bujo (each 'string' represents a day, and the hanging star will correspond to the mood represented by the faces).
[ux_image id="5887"]

"Falalala" is my new "I'm not listening" mantra

If you like something a wee bit more traditional though, here's a completed mood tracker from December 2017...

[ux_image id="5888"]

Bad mood?  no problem, coz my tracker looks cute anyway...

4. Now, let's get to what you really came here for...lists!!!

First up, let's make a spread, but it can't be too perfect, so let's ummm...I know, let's spell "Christmas" wrong (face palm)...
[ux_image id="5889"]

mistakes keep us humble.

So what is this wishlist about, you ask?  Many children are "wanty" rather than "needy", so it's up to us grown up children (aka adults), to bring some balance and not merely indulge our littlies.
This list helps with that, is a collaborative effort PLUS a keepsake (which is why it's in my journal).  Each of my children will write their favourites, their needs, and their wants...while I get some more insight into what is on their little minds & hearts and get to buy things that aren't just toys.?

I've made you a printable version, too!  Each A4 sheet has two wish lists, so fits perfectly into your journal. And shhh, don't tell Nancy, but you can get it for free if you use the code "MerryChristmasLiddy" at checkout!

[ux_image id="5903" image_hover_alt="glow" link=""]

5. Food!  Glorious food!

Not my forte, really, but I've made a spread ready for entries that will include our menu for our special celebratory meals (not counting midnight snacks of leftover food)...
[ux_image id="5890"]

6. Onto another list...

this one relates to presents brought for each of my loved ones...and a mini list to remind me of what I receive.  Should I include what I buy myself?

[ux_image id="5891"]

7. Meeemories!

I love including a page in my bullet journal that is dedicated to highlights for the month.  Versions so far have been "What we got up to during the school holidays", one word a day and one doodle a day.
This year, I'm hoping for some highlights (or alternately some Zebra Mildliner Highlighters).  I'm as yet undecided whether I will be writing words, sentences, or doodling...I like to surprise myself...
[ux_image id="5892"]

hoping this will be my favourite page

8. Maintaining a routine...

is an important aspect of surviving Christmas, as is taking ones' meds!  So here's my wee habit (work related) & meds tracker, accompanied by a salutary reminder and by snoozing kittens...
[ux_image id="5893"]

this is me wishing my kids likes cat naps as much as I do

9. Bujo hack!

For secret squirrel pages, or if you want to hide some messiness, create a Dutch Door Effect by folding the page towards the centre.  Add an illustration for effect.  Voila.
[ux_image id="5894"]

10. sanity saver hacks (aside from the afore mentioned meds).

Add funny quotes to your weeklies!  I searched Pinterest for funny Christmas quotes and added them to my December 2017 spreads...
[ux_image id="5895"]

and if that doesn't work...create something pretty, and focus on what's truly meaningful about this time of year...

[ux_image id="5896"]

How did you like my takeover?

Let me know in the comments below! Maybe Nancy will let me jump on her blog again sometime soon!!

Hop on over to my IG page @instaliddy for these, and more, of my spreads (including for more details of inspo behind illustrations, layouts and tools used) and, of course, @journal_junkies shares inspiration on the daily!?

Have a Happy Everything and Merry Always!

Liddy xx
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