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Zebra Mildliners Deep and Warm Brush Pens | Yellow Pack

You’ve read the hype – these Japanese brush pens are a favourite among stationery lovers worldwide.

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Finally – the Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens have arrived in the Deep and Warm Yellow Pack! Practice your lettering or colouring using the gorgeous colours Zebra Pens are famous for.

The Zebra Mildliner range is hugely popular with Bullet Journalists, thanks to the colour range and double-ended nibs. These brush pens have the same colours we’ve come to know and love, but with a brush tip – instead of an angled tip – at one end, and a fine point on the other.

The Mildliner highlighter brush pen features unique colours that show up softly on paper. It has just the right shade to attract your attention, but won’t overwhelm you with bright fluorescence.

This water-based highlighter is double-sided with a brush and fine tip.

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