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Emerald Marble | Medium Washi Tape

For the artistically challenged among us, washi tape is your new best friend.

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This emerald marble tape can really add some texture to your journals and projects. Add a touch of class!

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Medium washi tape is a great way to help add artistic elements to your pages and projects. Use them to mark pages, add borders or decorate stuff around your home! (You can even paint your nails with it!)

There are so many pretty styles, but the best part about washi tape is its ability to be removed without leaving a sticky or gluey layer of yuck. Please don’t confuse it with masking tape — believe us when we say it is infinitely superior.

You can easily write a message on it and stick it on a book your friend lent you as a little thank you, or stick it on a calendar to write events that might change to a different date.

Fun Washi Fact! From the Japanese characters wa  which means harmony and is often used to symbolize Japan, and shi  which means paper, Washi Tape literally means Japanese paper tape.

Unlike western paper, which is made from tree pulp, washi is made from Japanese shrubs. Washi can be made of almost any plant, but is typically made from ganpi, kozo, mitsumata, or sometimes hemp.

Washi is known in the west for the beautiful designs that are printed or painted on it, and its differences from other papers through its light weight and textured feel. Source:

The term Washi tape has really only been used in the west. In Japan it’s just called masking tapeマスキングテープ. Although the tape isn’t always made outright from washi, the washi-like patterns and texture is what gets it its name.

Check out how we use our washi tape to mark pages in our Bullet Journals, here.
For more ideas, visit ! So many possibilities!

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